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Shilajit Drug Test: Why You Won't Fail

Elan Lipin

Shilajit is being touted as the greatest superfood to ever hit the U.S. market, and it has been a main player in ayurvedic and other ancient medicines for thousands of years.  This nontoxic, nonintoxicating resin is harvested from mountain crevices, consisting of runoff soil that has fermented for many, many years.  Astoundingly high in nutrients and other beneficial compounds, it promises to offer all kinds of incredible therapeutic uses to the body.

Many natural wellness experts recommend taking shilajit daily to reap the full benefits that it can offer.  But, there’s one factor that rarely gets discussed – drug-testing.  If you take shilajit, are you at risk of failing a drug test, and potentially losing your job?  Let’s find out.


Is Shilajit Going to Show Up on a Drug Test?

If you’re someone who’s going to be drug-tested in the near future, you might worry whether or not shilajit is something that will trigger a positive test result, potentially getting you into some real trouble.  Luckily, there is no risk that shilajit would cause a failed drug test result

There is no standard drug test administered throughout the United States for employment or otherwise which looks for shilajit.  Besides that, there is no incentive to test for it – shilajit is not mind-altering in any way, and so employers, law enforcement officers, and the like would be no less interested if you were taking it than if you were taking, say, daily vitamins.

Most standardized drug tests place the attention on detecting specific illegal or controlled substances such as opioids, cocaine, and amphetamines.  Shilajit isn’t known to contain any of these substances.  It is possible, however, that impurities or additives in a shilajit product could lead to a false positive on a drug test.

Does This Apply to All Types of Drug Tests?

There are several different kinds of drug tests available, with urine tests being the most common, accounting for 90% of tests administered in the country.  

  • Urine Tests: Urine tests are the most common type of drug test by far, especially for employment, because they are very reliable, inexpensive, and promise a fast turnaround time.  They’re looking for drug metabolites.
  • Blood Tests: Blood tests are usually administered in hospitals, to determine if a person is currently high.  This means that they pick up on drugs before they metabolize, while still in the bloodstream.
  • Saliva Tests: Saliva tests determine whether or not you’ve consumed a certain substance within the last 10 hours.  
  • Hair Tests: Hair tests analyze the subject’s hair for drug use within the last 90 days.  They’re not commonly used because they have a long turnaround time, are expensive, and can be unreliable.
  • Sweat Tests: Sweat tests aren’t typically used to show drug use.  They are more associated with clinical studies.  They consist of a patch that’s stuck to a person’s skin for 2 weeks, where it collects traces of compounds found in a person’s sweat.

Fortunately, none of these drug tests can detect shilajit.  They can detect other drugs, including intoxicating derivatives, however, as we said earlier.  So, while shilajit itself won’t cause a failed test result, shilajit taken in combination with other common substances can.  

Also, for men who play sports, and those who might be playing at a semi-pro or professional level (college level or actual pros), there is some data on how pure shilajit might increase testosterone levels.  Higher testosterone will not cause a failed drug test to occur, as this is not something that gets tested for. 

However, depending upon the steroids you’re using that are permitted (anabolic/synthetic steroids or natural steroids), then this might be a slightly different story.  Basically, if taking a steroid that is not permitted by that said school or league, along with shilajit, then you could actually fail a drug test due to that steroid actually being picked up in your urine or blood if you did get tested.

Bottom Line: You Won’t Fail a Drug Test if You Take Shilajit 

Shilajit is not intoxicating, and because of that, there really is no reason why it would be in a drug test.  At the end of the day, it’s simple: shilajit is not a drug.  Employers, probation officers, law enforcement officers, and the like are only looking for evidence that a person has taken mind-altering substances, and while shilajit does have mood-boosting, cognitive-enhancing abilities, it does not actually cause a person to become high.

This means that you can go ahead and enjoy shilajit, without any worry about how it could affect something like employment.  And, don’t forget, at Bounce Nutrition, you can enjoy shilajit without any worry, as we supply pure, lab-tested shilajit live resin that’s completely incapable of causing you to fail a drug test.

No, taking Shilajit will not fail a drug test because Shilajit is not a drug.