The Science of Pre-Workout Gummies

The science of a pre-workout Gummy begins with carefully selecting plant-based ingredients that provide energy, focus and endurance for your workout. We formulated the best combination of ingredients that work best in gummies including Caffeine, Magnesium, L Theanine, vitamins and more!

All of our gummies are pectin which means they are vegan & gluten free also will not melt in heat. This is due to the higher melting point of pectin compared to gelatin. Pectin is also healthier and an overall cleaner ingredient than gelatin. You can taste the difference in consistency and quality. Most brands do not use pectic in gummies as it is a harder ingredient to formulate with correctly. However, our expertise in gummies makes pectin easy to use.

  • Quality control: Our gummies often undergo rigorous quality control measures during the manufacturing process. This ensures that the ingredients are evenly distributed and accurately dosed, providing consistent results with each gummy. On the other hand, powders can sometimes clump or have inconsistent mixing, leading to variations in dosage and effectiveness.
  • Less mess: Gummies offer a mess-free and convenient way to consume pre-workout supplements. With powders, you need to measure and mix them with water or another liquid, which can be messy, time-consuming and cause bloating. Gummies eliminate the need for mixing, making them a hassle-free option that you can easily grab and consume on the go.
  • Absorption rates: Typical pre-workout powders get metabolized and absorbed by your body faster than gummies, which can result in a quick burst of energy but the effects may not last that long.

Gummies are designed for a sustained release of energy. The ingredients in our gummies are formulated to be released gradually, allowing for a more prolonged and consistent energy boost throughout your workout. This can help you maintain focus and intensity for a longer period of time. 

These are some of the reasons why gummies are a preferred choice for many, and why we spent years of effort formulating the perfect pre-workout gummies.