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Which Form of Shilajit Is The Best and Most Effective?

Elan Lipin
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People in the United States are finally waking up to the many benefits that can be derived from shilajit – a natural substance that has its roots in ancient Ayurvedic medicine, and is formed in between layers of rock in mountain ranges at high altitudes. 

Uniquely high in a stunning array of nutrients, organic acids, and other beneficial compounds, this nontoxic, legal superfood substance can be taken daily, offering all kinds of forms of relief, ranging from regulated blood sugar to improved energy levels.

Shilajit, like many natural substances, can be found in a variety of product forms, and can also be derived from various locations around the world.  We’re going to compare the different options that you have at your disposal to help you determine which type of shilajit is going to give you the best results across the board.


Which Shilajit Product Type is Going to Give Me the Best Results?

Shilajit, in its natural form, is a sticky, resinous substance that’s almost black in color.  It results from soil making its way into crevices of rocks, where it ferments at a high altitude for many years before it’s ready to be harvested.  At that stage, it undergoes an extensive purification process using water to remove any impurities and leave behind a product that’s ready for consumption.

Now, at this stage, you can process the resulting resin further to change its physical properties – making it into a liquid, a powder, or, eventually, a capsule.  

Let’s compare all of these product types now.

Shilajit Resin

Shilajit resin is also known as “live resin”, since it’s a fully organic substance.  Essentially, this is the resin you end up with after purifying the shilajit, without undergoing extensive processing like other product types.  The result is the sticky, nearly black resin that we typically associate with shilajit.

First off, we wanna be straightforward: shilajit resin is largely regarded as the most effective form there is.  And, the reason why is simple.  The less processing the substance undergoes, the more it retains its vibrant composition of beneficial compounds. 

With each layer of processing, some of this chemical composition is stripped away through exposure to elements like heat and excessive moisture.  Because of the higher level of fulvic acid in resin vs. other products, the shilajit can absorb faster into the cells of the body as well, allowing those beneficial nutrients to start working hard as soon as possible.

Because shilajit is so water-soluble, it dissolves in liquids pretty easily, so that’s a plus, as well.


    • Most effective/potent.
    • Fastest-acting.
    • Most natural/unrefined.
    • Dissolves in water.
    • Has a long shelf life.
  • Takes a few minutes longer to dissolve fully in a liquid.
  • Very strong flavor.

Shilajit Powder


Powder is probably the second most common form you will find shilajit in.  It’s made by grinding the resin into a powder that’s very fine, and the main appeal is that it blends easily into liquids.  The powder may also appeal to people because of its texture and consistency, as the sticky quality of shilajit resin may simply be unappetizing to some.

Shilajit powder also has a lower concentration of compounds than resin.  While resin can have up to 80%, powder can be 50%, or even lower – some products have as little as 10%.  So, this means that overall, it’s not as effective.


  • Dissolves into liquids quickly and easily.
  • Has a texture that may be more appealing to some people.


  • Less effective.
  • More refined.
  • Still has a strong flavor .

Shilajit Capsules

Shilajit capsules are becoming more and more popular, and are usually made by simply encapsulating shilajit in powder form into a gel cap.  Naturally, the main appeal of this type of product is its convenience, as you don’t need to measure anything out, or dissolve it into a liquid.  But, keep in mind that again, this means that you’re getting a less potent product than the resin form.


  • Easy to take/convenient.
  • Less flavor.
  • No mess involved.


  • Less effective than resin.
  • Takes longer to absorb.
  • Contains other ingredients.

Liquid Shilajit

Liquid shilajit – shilajit resin that has already been dissolved in a liquid.  Of course, this saves time, as you don’t need to dissolve it yourself, and it blends more easily with other liquids.  The concentration will be lower, however, with a small percentage of shilajit in the product.


  • Easy to take.
  • Already dissolved in a liquid.
  • No mess.
  • More portable.
  • More appealing to those who don’t like resin’s sticky consistency.


  • Less effective than resin.
  • Easier for fillers to end up in the product.
  • Taste is still there, although subdued. 

What is the Difference Between Himalayan Shilajit and Other Types?

Now, let’s talk about another variable – where the shilajit comes from.  Shilajit almost always comes from the Himalayan mountains, as it’s largely believed that this particular region produces the most beneficial, concentrated, and compound-diverse shilajit in the world.  But, that’s not the only place it can be derived from.

You may hear the terms “mumie” or “moomiyo” used interchangeably with shilajit, but these are actually different products.  The former is essentially shilajit collected from mountain ranges that are at lower altitudes. 

And, believe it or not, this really does affect the nutritional benefits you can get from the product – so much so that mumie is classified as “grade B shilajit:.  Essentially, it simply has a lower concentration of beneficial compounds, and so it’s less potent – in fact, its color is usually a bit lighter as well, as it’s less fermented by natural processes within the crevices of these mountain ranges.

You may see the name “altai shilajit” as well, and this is collected from the Altai mountain range, which is 2,000 feet lower than the Himalayan mountains.  Again, this is a grade B shilajit that will have a lower potency level.

With all that being said, it’s safe to say that Himalayan shilajit is regarded as the best for a reason.  It’s simply higher in the compounds that are directly responsible for the many positive benefits that we derive from taking shilajit, and so it’s objectively superior.

The Most Effective Form of Shilajit Awaits at Bounce Nutrition

Basically, if what you desire is the most effective form of shilajit there is, nothing will deliver like shilajit live resin.  It’s more bioavailable, because it’s not refined, and it has a far higher concentration of compounds than any of the other product types mentioned above.  And, the other thing that you’ll want to keep in mind is that Himalayan shilajit is going to be more potent and effective as well.

The good news is that you can find both of these things at Bounce Nutrition.  Our pure, lab-tested shilajit comes from the Himalayan mountains, and is ready to be shipped directly to your door.