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Elan Lipin
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Shilajit is about to become a major trend in the natural wellness community, thanks to its unbelievable nutrient density and list of impressive health benefits.  Shilajit has been a staple of Eastern medicine for millennia, but it’s only now gaining widespread attention in the US. 

And, since not all shilajit products are exactly bursting with quality, freshness, and selection, you always want to make sure you’re getting a safe, effective, and pure product, which is easier said than done if you don’t know how to spot a good retailer.  Fortunately, we’re here to help with your guide to buying shilajit online.


Why is it Always Better to Buy Shilajit Online?

First off, we want to emphasize that buying online is always preferred over buying locally, for a few reasons:

  • More Convenience: Buying shilajit online means that you can enjoy the convenience of simply picking out what you want, and waiting for it to be shipped to your home.  Tracking down these products locally can be a hassle since shilajit are still quite rare on local markets.
  • Better Selection: Online retailers will offer a wider selection of products to choose from since this is what they specialize in.
  • Higher Standards: Online brands generally adhere to higher quality and safety standards because there’s a larger audience that’s more discerning than someone who happens to encounter a vape at, say, the local convenience store.
  • Better Transparency: By buying from a retailer’s website, you can enjoy greater transparency about the product you’re buying, in regards to how it’s made, the ingredients, and more.
  • Great Deals: Another thing to look forward to with online retail is excellent deals on products, like clearance sales and special promotional offers, that you’ll rarely find locally.

What To Look For In Shilajit Online?

Right now, there are a number of companies releasing their own shilajit products.  And, as we all know, each brand has their particular quality standards and practices.  This means that some products can be highly effective and top-notch in quality, while others can fall short in all kinds of ways.  Let’s go over the key things to pay attention to when shopping for shilajit online.

#1: The Shilajit Type You Prefer

Shilajit comes in a number of product forms – liquid, powder, syrup, capsules, and live resin, with the latter being the most sought-after for its bioavailability.  The product type can play a major role in the effects you feel, which is why you want to find a retailer that offers a good selection of options.

#2: Third-Party Lab Reports   

Because purity levels can vary, shilajit products should undergo third-party lab-testing to ensure that the product is authentic, safe, potent, and pure, and those lab reports should be made easy to find through the company’s website.

#3: Excellent Shilajit Reviews

Another important thing to do before buying any shilajit product is checking reviews of the product to see what other people have to say.  Look thoroughly through the reviews to know opinions on the company, and don’t just stop at the brand’s website – consider searching the internet to discover more about the brand from people who have tested their products.

#4: The Right Value

If shilajit is new to you, like it is to most, you might not have the best idea of what makes for good value.  But, compare prices and quantities across the market to develop a good understanding of when a company is clearly just ripping you off on a product that’s no better than their competitor’s.  The price should reflect the design, the special features, the size, the accessories, and whether or not actual syringes of cultures or spores are included.

What are People Saying About Shilajit?

Shilajit has been getting loads of hype lately, as more and more people are discovering its astounding benefits and spreading the word to fellow natural wellness enthusiasts.  You can find loads of reviews online, written by people who have started a routine with the product and found incredible success.

One thing that we consistently hear from reviewers is that shilajit gives them a boost in both energy and mood, which is noticeable shortly after consuming it.  People also talk about feeling relief from physical tension in the body, and finding that they can focus better during the workday.

We’ve yet to hear any reviewer say that shilajit has given them strongly negative effects, which is always a huge plus.  The product is largely considered safe, and side effects are both rare and tend to be minimal.

We encourage you to go ahead and look for reviews yourself, to learn more about what you can expect from it based on real peoples’ experiences.

Buy Shilajit Online for Max Convenience!

Shilajit is going to become more available on the market soon as demand keeps growing, and luckily, Bounce Nutrition has you covered.  Our shilajit live resin offers the highest purity and potency that there is, and comes with lab reports to prove that its purity and safety levels are as good as they come.