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Vegan Pre-Workout Gummies vs. Vegan Pre-Workout Supplements

Elan Lipin
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Did you know that pre-workout gummies are extremely popular right now, because they offer the tastiest way yet to enjoy the benefits of a pre-workout supplement that can boost energy, cognitive function, muscle strength, muscle gain, and more.  They come in all kinds of flavors, with various blends of active ingredients aimed at giving you the boost you need to conquer any workout routine.

It's not surprising that vegan pre-workout gummies are especially popular, because of the growing number of people taking on a vegan lifestyle, either for ethical, environmental, or health-related reasons.  Today, we want to compare vegan pre-workout gummies with other types of vegan pre-workout supplements, to help you understand why gummies have become a mainstay of the market.


What are Vegan Pre-Workout Supplements?

Pre-workout supplements are meant to be taken shortly before your daily workout routine, and contain active ingredients intended to improve the way in which you exercise, to help you reach your fitness goals faster and more easily. 

Each company comes up with their own unique combo and balance of ingredients, which can include caffeine, amino acids, nootropics, electrolytes, and other substances known to benefit our fitness regimens.  You can find pre-workout capsules, powders, and other products, in addition to gummies.

For a pre-workout supplement to be vegan, it must contain zero animal derivatives, relying solely on plant-based and/or synthetic ingredients instead.  And, the good thing is that more and more companies are creating vegan pre-workout supplements, understanding that a lot of people are ditching animal derivatives for good.

What are Vegan Pre-Workout Gummies?

Pre-workout gummies offer all of the above benefits and common ingredients, and they come in gummy form.  They usually come in a bottle that offers about a month’s supply or so.  They’re meant to be taken before every workout, about 30 minutes before the person is ready to get started.  And, they’re sold in all kinds of tasty flavors, formulas, and milligram strengths.

Vegan pre-workout gummies cannot contain gelatin, an agent used in many gummy products to give them their gummy texture.  They often use pectin instead, which is a fruit derivative.  They must also contain active ingredients sourced from plant sources rather than animal proteins, like creatine and other nutrients.


  • Easy to Take: It really doesn’t get much easier than popping a gummy into your mouth once a day before you work out.  That’s a huge part of the appeal of pre-workout gummies, because they come with basically no instructions other than eat 1 gummy 30 minutes before you exercise.
  • No Prep Required: Powder requires prep, and gummies don’t.  With powder, you have to mix it into water or a smoothie, measuring out the proper amount and trying to avoid making a mess.  With vegan pre-workout gummies, you just take one out of the bottle and enjoy.
  • Easier on the Digestive Tract: Certain types of supplements, like powders that are added to water, can cause bloating and a feeling of heaviness in the stomach.  Gummies are great for digesting easily without causing any of these known issues.
  • Travel-Friendly: If you’re going to be traveling and still want to be able to work out, then pre-workout gummies are a great option since they’re so travel-friendly.  Whether it’s about having something easy to reach for in your gym bag, or going on a plane with a small bottle of gummies, these supplements are definitely travel-friendly to say the least.
  • Delicious: People love eating vegan pre-workout gummies because they taste so good!  They come in all kinds of fruity flavors, and many people truly look forward to eating them daily.  Meanwhile, a lot of powders can have something of a chalky or otherwise unpleasant aftertaste.


  • Can Contain Unwanted Sweeteners: With pre-workout gummies, you need to be mindful of the amount of sweetener, and the type of sweetener – especially if you have blood sugar dysregulation or dental issues.  Of course, a lot of gummy manufacturers accommodate these individuals by using low-glycemic sweeteners in healthy amounts.

What are Vegan Pre-Workout Powders?

Pre-workout powder comes in a jar, usually with a scooper so that you can measure out the right amount for a daily dose.  It has to be mixed with a liquid, and some people add it to water while others prefer to incorporate it into a pre-workout smoothie.  It typically uses the same active ingredients as gummies, just in a different form.  It comes in a variety of flavors, just like gummies, as well as milligram strengths.

Being vegan, pre-workout powders contain no animal protein derivatives as their active ingredients, nor any type of dairy or egg derivatives used for flavoring or texture.  Let’s examine the pros and cons of powders compared to gummies now.


  • Can Be Incorporated into Liquids: With powder, you can mix it into any liquid you want, whether that be your morning fruit smoothie or your favorite seltzer that you take with you to the gym.
  • Fast-Acting: By consuming these pre-workout supplements in liquid form, the product is more bioavailable, and therefore act more quickly – not that much more quickly than gummies, but faster regardless.  Liquids are able to permeate the cells of the body more easily than solids, and so they can reach the bloodstream in a shorter period of time.
  • Comes with a Measuring Scoop: Supplemental powders typically come with a measuring scoop for dosing so that you know how much to take, rather than having to measure it out with the tablespoon lying around your kitchen.


  • Can Be Messy: Powder, as we all know, can be messy, and that can make it harder to work with, not to mention annoying.
  • Taste Can Be Iffy: A lot of people complain about the taste of powders, because the flavoring can have a chalky or otherwise unenjoyable aftertaste to it.
  • Can Cause Bloating and Digestive Discomfort: Drinking a powder-based beverage can  
  • Not as Travel-Friendly: Powders are also harder to travel with.  You can’t just use the pre-workout supplement powder anywhere, because you need a liquid to stir it into, and the place to do it.  The bottles are usually bulky too, which can make it hard to throw them in your purse or gym bag.

What are Vegan Pre-Workout Capsules?

Pre-workout capsules are simply capsules that contain pre-workout supplements, usually in gel or tablet form.  They come in a variety of sizes and milligram strengths, and are sold in bottles.  Like gummies, some gel caps are made with gelatin, so you’ll want to make sure you’re choosing a vegan formula, like one that uses cellulose or tapioca starch instead.


  • No Flavor or Sweetener: If you want to avoid avoid flavoring or sweetener, then pre-workout capsules can be the way to go, as they contain neither type of ingredient.
  • Fewer Ingredients: Overall, creatine capsules will contain fewer ingredients than creatine gummies, but still, read over the ingredients carefully, because you don’t know what less-than-reputable companies are sneaking into their capsules.


  • May Be Harder to Digest: When we chew a vegan pre-workout gummy, the digestive system stimulates the production of enzymes which help break down the product so that it passes through the digestive tract more easily.  This helps you avoid upset stomach, bloating, and other potential side effects associated with creatine.  Swallowing a pill, especially on an empty stomach, may be more likely to give you digestive symptoms as you’re not chewing, and therefore not getting that same boost of enzymes.
  • No Great Taste: Of course, capsules don’t give you the enjoyment of tasting something fruity and delicious each time you take your dose of creatine.

Vegan Pre-Workout Gummies Reign Supreme!

While there are various types of pre-workout supplements that come in vegan formulas, we believe that gummies are the clear winner.  They offer a tasty, easily digestible formula that’s just as effective as the other types of supplements out there, while bringing about loads of advantages, including travel-friendliness. 

And, at Bounce Nutrition, we’re proud to offer a number of vegan pre-workout gummies to explore.  Try our highly effective, 100% vegan pre-workout gummies today!