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How To Increase or Decrease Your Pre-Workout Tolerance

Elan Lipin
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Pre-workout products are super popular these days, and for good reason.  They contain a variety of ingredients that can give you the boost you need to enhance your fitness routine to a whole new level, by supplying you with stamina, energy, muscle strength, muscle gains, and focus.  They contain any variety of ingredients, from stimulants like caffeine, to herbs like ashwagandha.

Now, what happens if you build a tolerance to the effects of your pre-workout?  Is there a way to adjust your tolerance so you keep getting the same results?  Do the ingredients in pre-workout even cause you to develop tolerance in the first place?  Let’s find out.


Can You Build a Tolerance to Pre-Workout?

Yes, with many pre-workout products, you can build tolerance.  And, how fast that tolerance can build will depend on the formula itself, in terms of its strength as well as its ingredients that are unique to the formulation.  

Tolerance is the result of taking certain substances habitually, in which eventually, you need more of that substance for it to create the same impact, as the body adjusts its sensitivity.  We build a tolerance to all kinds of things that we consume, from coffee to alcohol, which is why over time, we need to enhance our dosage to get the same effects we used to when we were beginners.

Which Ingredients Can Cause a Tolerance to Develop?

Not all pre-workout ingredients cause a tolerance – for instance, most amino acids, as well as vitamins and minerals, do not lead to a tolerance.  But, some ingredients can cause the user to develop a tolerance over time, and they include:

  • Caffeine: You’ll find that the majority of pre-workout products contain caffeine in various concentrations.  It’s one of the most effective natural stimulants, so it can boost energy and endurance, as well as mood and focus.  Some pre-workout supplements use caffeine alternatives, turning to other natural stimulants to produce energizing, yet milder effects.
  • Creatine: A nootropic that can boost energy levels, creatine can be found in many pre-workout products, and it can improve muscle mass as a nice bonus.
  • L-Citrulline: L-citrulline is one block-chain amino acid that can lead to a tolerance after taking it regularly, in which case, more supplementation is needed.
  • Herbs/Mushrooms/Botanicals: A number of pre-workout products contain herbs, botanicals, and/or mushroom extracts, all of which can offer valuable effects to performance – like adaptogenic herbs that reduce stress and boost mood, or mushroom species known to enhance energy levels.  Not all herbs, mushrooms, and botanicals lead to tolerance, so research the specific ones in your formula to find out if this is applicable to what you’re taking.

Can You Avoid Developing a Tolerance to Pre-Workout?

There are, in fact, a couple of ways to avoid a tolerance to the ingredients in pre-workout formulas, so that you never have to worry about modifying your routine as your tolerance changes.  Here are our favorite methods for keeping yourself from building a tolerance to pre-workout.

Method #1: Stick to the Same Suggested Dosage

You ever notice how some people can get the same energizing effect by drinking a single cup of coffee each morning, while others need to drink 8+ cups throughout the day to avoid a crash?  There’s a reason why.  It’s been suggested over the years that by sticking with the same dose daily, your body never builds a tolerance, while increasing your dosage over time causes you to develop tolerance little by little.  

In other words, if a person were to stick to the same amount of caffeine each day forever, they would get the same results each time, whereas if they were to decide to take twice the amount, they would begin developing a tolerance that requires higher doses as time goes on.

What this means is that by taking the same dosage of pre-workout daily indefinitely, you may be able to avoid a tolerance altogether.

Method #2: Rotate

Another option is to simply rotate between different formulas.  Each pre-workout formula is unique in its various ingredients, and concentrations of said ingredients.  By switching it up say, every month, even if you’re just switching back and forth between the same two products, you may never build any tolerance at all.

How to Increase Your Tolerance to Pre-Workout Products

If you’re finding that your pre-workout supplement is hitting you way too hard – for example, you’re getting way too stimulated off of the caffeine in a gummy – you have two options.  One is to go with a lower dose, and the other is to stick it out.  Eventually, your body will be able to tolerate the effects just fine, assuming that the product contains a reasonable amount of each active ingredient.

How to Decrease Your Tolerance to Pre-Workout Products

Again, if you have too high of a tolerance and you’re no longer getting the same level of effects that you used to, you can simply switch to a new formula for a little bit, before going back to the original one.  This way, your body is getting a new blend of ingredients and strengths, and it will adjust accordingly.  

Alternatively, you could take up to a week off of your pre-workout products, and that should be enough time for your tolerance to the said active ingredients to go back to normal.  We suggest a week because any longer and you may lose a good deal of the cumulative benefits of the ingredients that you’re taking, which are supporting your fitness goals.

Adjust Your Tolerance Responsibly

Overall, if you do develop a tolerance to pre-workout, there are easy solutions.  Bounce Nutrition make it easy by offering a few fantastic gummy formulas through which you can rotate if needed, to always keep your tolerance fresh.  Our products contain vegan, all-natural ingredients, and each one brings something truly valuable to the table in terms of your fitness regimen

Increasing your pre-workout gummy tolerance is as easy as taking more gummies and taking your pre-workout consistently. Decreasing your pre-workout tolerance usually means taking a break from caffeine and your pre-workout gummies..