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Pre-Workout Gummies vs. Pre-Workout Powder

Elan Lipin
Benefits Of Pre-Workout Gummies, Pre-Workout Gummies, Pre-Workout Gummies vs. Pre-Workout Powder

When it comes to getting more out of your workout routine, the reality is that not all pre-workout products are created equally.  There are lots of supplements out there, including gummies, capsules, and powders, all with their different ingredients, strengths, ratios, and more. 

Let’s take a look at two of the most popular kinds of pre-workout supplements: gummies and powder, and even compare the two to help you figure out which one is right for you.


What are Pre-Workout Supplements?

Before we get into the differences between preworkout gummies and powder, let’s talk about what these supplements are for those who don’t know.  Pre-workout supplements are nutritional formulas designed to enhance physical performance and energy levels before exercise. 

These supplements usually come in the form of powders, pills, or liquids, and they typically contain a mix of ingredients aimed at boosting various aspects of your workout.  The idea is to take them before exercising in order to prepare your body for the physical stress that it's about to undergo.

There really is no denying that certain types of supplements can have an immediate as well as a cumulative positive effect on your ability to reach your fitness goals. 

Like we said, pre-workout gummies, powders, and other supplements can contain any variety of ingredients known to have a positive effect on a person’s exercise routine.  Examples include caffeine, creatine, and beta-alanine, as well as nitrates and amino acids.  In general, preworkout gummies are known to contain natural active ingredients as opposed to synthetic ones.  

They serve a number of purposes, including giving you a lift in your energy, while preventing muscle fatigue, helping with motivation, and helping the body grow more muscle.  They’re meant to be taken shortly before exercise, so that the effects peak right when the person is ready to really exert themselves, whether at home, outdoors, or in the gym.  Anyone can take them if they lead a fitness-based lifestyle and want to maximize their ability to reach their goals.

What are Pre-Workout Gummies?

Pre-workout gummies offer all of the above benefits plus more, and common ingredients, and they come in gummy form.  They usually come in a bottle that offers about a month’s supply or so.  They’re meant to be taken before every workout, about 30 minutes before the person is ready to get started.  And, they’re sold in all kinds of tasty flavors, formulas, and milligram strengths.


  • Easy to Take: It really doesn’t get much easier than popping a gummy into your mouth once a day before you work out.  That’s a huge part of the appeal of gummies, because they come with basically no instructions other than eat 1 gummy 30 minutes before you exercise.
  • Travel-Friendly: If you’re going to be traveling and still want to be able to work out, then gummies are a great option since they’re so travel-friendly.  Whether it’s about having something easy to reach for in your gym bag, or even going on a plane with a small bottle of gummies, these supplements are definitely travel-friendly to say the least.
  • No Prep Required: Powder requires prep, and gummies don’t.  With powder, you have to mix it into water or a smoothie, measuring out the proper amount and trying to avoid making a mess.  With gummies, you just take one out of the bottle and enjoy.
  • Delicious: People love eating gummies because they’re delicious!  Available in all kinds of fruity flavors, they’re irresistible, so much so that you’ll look forward to eating them daily.  Meanwhile, a lot of powders can have something of a chalky or otherwise unpleasant aftertaste.
  • Better Effects: Pre-workout gummies work better than powder as powders absorb quick and effects are quick. Pre-workout gummies break down longer and therefore give more balanced effects throughout your workout. 
  • Better Taste: This one does not require much imagination, gummies taste amazing and for most much better than dry and bitter powders that make you cough. 


  • Can Contain Unwanted Sweeteners: With gummies, you need to be mindful of the amount of sweetener, and the type of sweetener – especially if you have blood sugar dysregulation or dental issues.  Of course, a lot of gummy manufacturers accommodate these individuals by using low-glycemic sweeteners in healthy amounts.

What is Pre-Workout Powder?

Pre-workout powder comes in a jar, usually with a scooper so that you can measure out the right amount for a daily dose.  It has to be mixed with a liquid, and some people add it to water while others prefer to incorporate it into a pre-workout smoothie.  It typically uses the same active ingredients as gummies, just in a different form.  It comes in a variety of flavors, just like gummies, as well as milligram strengths.


  • Fast-Acting: By consuming these supplements in liquid form, they’re going to be more bioavailable, and therefore act more quickly – not that much more quickly than gummies, but faster regardless.  Liquids are able to permeate the cells of the body more easily than solids, and so they can reach the bloodstream in a shorter period of time.
  • Can Be Incorporated into Liquids: With powder, you can mix it into any liquid you want, whether that be your morning fruit smoothie or your favorite seltzer that you take with you to the gym.
  • Comes with a Measuring Scoop: These products usually come with some type of scoop for dosing so that you know how much to take, rather than having to measure it out with the tablespoon lying around your kitchen.


  • Taste Can Be So-So: A lot of people complain about the taste of powders, because the flavoring doesn’t mask the less enjoyable flavors of the supplements as well as a gummy formula can. 
  • Can Be Messy: Powder, as we all know, can be messy, and that can make it harder to work with, not to mention annoying.
  • Hard to Travel with: Powders are also harder to travel with.  You can’t just use the powder anywhere, because you need a liquid to stir it into, and the place to do it.  The bottles are usually larger than gummy bottles as well, so it’s harder to store when you’re on the road.

Which PreWorkout Supplement Option is Right for You?

Ultimately, both preworkout powder and gummies can do the trick when it comes to giving your body those supplement that fuel your workout game.  But, pre-workout gummies are more popular because they have a lot of advantages, like being more travel-friendly, tastier, and easier to dose with. 

So, if you’re on the fence between the two, our recommendation is starting with gummies, because it’s likely that you’ll be totally satisfied with all that they have to offer.