Why Do Bodybuilders Take Pre-Workout?

Why Do Bodybuilders Take Pre-Workout?

Rachelle Margrette Ligtas
Bodybuilders Take Pre-Workout Gummies, Pre-Workout Gummies

Bodybuilders are individuals who engage in a specific regimen of exercise, diet, and lifestyle choices aimed at developing and showcasing highly defined and well-proportioned muscles.  The activity of bodybuilding often involves both resistance training and aerobic exercise, along with a highly controlled diet rich in protein and limited in fats and carbohydrates. 

The objective is not just to increase muscle size (hypertrophy), but also to reduce body fat to very low levels so that the muscles become more visible and well-defined.


What Exactly is Bodybuilding?

Bodybuilding can require a significant time commitment and lifestyle changes, including regular workouts, meal planning, and often foregoing other activities to focus on training and recovery.

There are two types of main trainings that bodybuilders do:

  • Resistance Training: This involves lifting weights or performing exercises that require the muscles to exert a force against a resistance. The main goal is to induce muscle hypertrophy.
  • Cardiovascular Exercise: While the primary focus is on muscle development, most bodybuilders also include some form of cardiovascular exercise to help reduce body fat.

Still, after all that training, adequate rest is essential for muscle recovery and growth.

Also, bodybuilding can be a competitive sport, as this where participants are judged on the symmetry, size, and definition of their muscles. Competitions often involve several rounds, including routines where competitors perform poses to highlight their physique.

There are even different categories and classes in bodybuilding, such as "Men’s Open”, "Classic Physique", "Women’s Physique”, etc., each with its own set of criteria and ideal aesthetics.

Bodybuilding has a vibrant subculture and is a lifestyle for many, not just a form of exercise. There is often a strong community aspect, with gyms and online forums serving as gathering places for sharing tips, encouragement, and advice.

Time to Pump You Up: Reasons Why Bodybuilders Take Pre-Workout Gummies and Other Supplements

Bodybuilders (and even athletes in general) often incorporate pre-workout gummies and other various supplements into their regimen to enhance performance, recovery, and muscle growth – all to potentially improve their performance during workouts.  Typically speaking, pre-workout gummies and other supplements serve specific purposes, depending on their ingredients and such.

Reason #1: Energy Boost

Pre-workout supplements usually contain caffeine or other stimulants that help to increase energy levels.  This can make it easier to get through a tough workout, especially for those who are looking for an extra push to perform high-intensity exercises.

Reason #2: Increased Blood Flow

Some ingredients in pre-workout supplements, such as nitric oxide precursors, help to dilate blood vessels.  Thus, leading to increased blood flow to the muscles, which could potentially improve the delivery of nutrients and oxygen, aiding in better performance and quicker recovery.

Reason #3: Enhanced Focus and Mental Clarity

Caffeine and other nootropic ingredients that might be present in pre-workout supplements can improve focus and mental clarity.  This can be particularly beneficial for complex exercises that require lots of attention to form and technique.

Reason #4: Enhanced Endurance and Performance

Beta-alanine, a common ingredient in many pre-workouts edibles, can help buffer the acid that builds up in muscles during intense exercise, potentially allowing for longer periods of high-intensity effort before fatigue sets in.

Reason #5: Rapid Absorption

Gummies and chewable forms of supplements can offer rapid absorption.  The speed at which the body absorbs the active ingredients can be crucial for those looking for a quick energy boost right before their workout.

Reason #6: Simply the Convenience

Pre-workout gummies or ready-to-drink supplements are convenient for those who are on the go.  They’re easy to carry, have a longer shelf life compared to homemade pre-workout meals, and don't require any preparation time.

Reason #7: Nice Flavor and Palatability

Many people find the flavors of pre-workout supplements appealing, which can make the ritual of taking them more enjoyable.

Reason #8: Satiety

Although this is not a primary function of most pre-workout supplements, some may contain fiber or protein, which could make you feel fuller and potentially prevent overeating post-workout.

Reason #9: Muscle Recovery and Growth

Some pre-workout formulas contain branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) which are believed to promote muscle recovery and reduce muscle soreness.

Reason #10: Reduced Muscle Breakdown

Ingredients like BCAAs can also help reduce the rate of protein breakdown, potentially preserving muscle tissue during intense training sessions.

Reason #11: Hormonal Balance

Some pre-workout supplements claim to optimize hormone levels, although this is a controversial area, and such claims often lack strong scientific support.

Reason #12: Tailored Ingredients

There are various types of pre-workout supplements designed to meet specific needs. Some are stimulant-free for those sensitive to caffeine, while others are formulated with specific goals like endurance, strength, or muscle building in mind.

Reason #13: Creatine

A popular supplement among bodybuilders, creatine can enhance muscle energy, strength, and size. Some pre-workouts include creatine in their formulas.

Pre-Workout Gummies and Other Supplements: A Way for Bodybuilders to Increase Their Workout Gains

As you can now see, bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts often seek various ways to enhance their performance, build muscle, and improve their workout experiences.  The use of pre-workout supplements, including pre-workout gummies, powders, and capsules, is a common practice. 

So, if you’re already a bodybuilder, or are looking to become one, you might want to try pre-workout gummies in particular.  Still, regardless of what you choose, as we cannot stress this enough, always read the label carefully and adhere to the recommended dosage.