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Energy Gummies vs. Energy Drinks: Which Is Better?

Elan Lipin
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If you’re seeking out an energy boost lately, you’re not alone.  A lot of us find ourselves feeling more sluggish, lethargic, and foggy than ever, thanks to growing demands at work and at home, increasing stress, and poor sleep.  And luckily, there are products on the market geared toward giving you the boost you’re looking for, using natural stimulants and other energy enhancers to produce that feeling of being alert, motivated, and physically energized.

In fact, we are going to compare two types of energy products: energy gummies and energy drinks.  Let’s see which of these two is better suited for you when you need a little bit of help getting going.


What are Energy Supplements?

Before we get into the differences between energy gummies and energy drinks, let’s shed a little light on the concept behind energy supplements in general.  Now, “energy supplements” is a pretty general term, that can encompass pre-workout supplements.

That is, products that contain a host of natural performance enhancers, including ones that provide energy (caffeine, b vitamins, etc.) as well as ingredients that boost strength, gains, endurance, stamina, focus, mood, and more.  And, energy gummies are typically more likely to contain additional pre-workout ingredients than drinks.

Now, most energy gummies and energy drinks contain caffeine, but that’s not automatically the case for every product on the market.  There are, after all, caffeine alternatives, like Guayusa, maca root, b-vitamins, certain mushroom species, and so on.  So, consider carefully reading through ingredients before deciding which formula to buy, whether you go with drinks or gummies.

What are Energy Gummies?

Energy gummies usually come in a bottle that offers about a month’s supply or so.  They’re meant to be taken before every workout, about 30 minutes before the person is ready to get started.  And, they’re sold in all kinds of tasty flavors, formulas, and milligram strengths.


  • Easy to Take: It doesn’t get simpler than popping a gummy into your mouth once a day before you work out.  That’s a big selling point for energy gummies, because they come with basically no instructions other than eat 1 gummy 30 minutes before you exercise.
  • More Likely to Contain Additional Beneficial Ingredients: Like we said, a lot of “energy” gummies are actually pre-workout gummies, which, in addition to caffeine or a similar stimulant, contain ingredients like amino acids, minerals, and other ingredients that can improve working out beyond just offering a boost of energy.
  • Super Yummy: People love eating energy gummies because they’re delicious!  Available in all kinds of fruity flavors, they’re irresistible, so much so that you’ll look forward to eating them daily.  Meanwhile, a lot of powders can have something of a chalky or otherwise unpleasant aftertaste.


We really couldn’t come up with any cons for energy gummies compared to energy drinks, and that explains why so many people have gravitated toward gummies in the last few years.

What are Energy Drinks?

Energy drinks are a bit more general, as “energy drink” is a blanket term for a pre-packaged beverage made with ingredients that give you an energy boost.  While energy gummies are usually more associated with working out, energy drinks are for anyone who wants an increase in energy, whether they’re going to be exercising, driving for long stretches of time, or staying up all night to study. 

In fact, a lot of people will tell you that energy drinks aren’t great for exercise, because they can be so stimulating that they are dangerous if you’re exerting yourself too much.  They can also contain ingredients that dehydrate you, which can be risky if you’re going to be sweating a lot.

Energy drinks can contain any ingredients that boost your energy levels, but usually involve some combination of caffeine, sugar, and niacin, a form of vitamin B that can be stimulating.


  • Fast-Acting: By consuming a liquid form of energy-enhancing ingredients, they’re going to be more bioavailable, and therefore act more quickly – not that much more quickly than gummies, but faster regardless.  Liquids are able to permeate the cells of the body more easily than solids, and so they can reach the bloodstream in a shorter period of time.
  • Can Be Refreshing: Of course, energy drinks can be thirst-quenching, but a lot of times, they’re also so sweet that they might not be a good way to quench your thirst.


  • Can Be Dangerous: Energy drinks can be more stimulating than pre-workout gummies, and that may be risky for certain people, especially if you consume more than one in a short period of time or are prone to heart-related issues.
  • Can Cause Too Much Stimulation: Drinking an energy drink before working out can actually stimulate the nervous system too much, resulting in feelings of anxiety, irritability, and difficulty focusing on the task at hand.
  • Can Cause a Crash: The potency of many energy drinks means that you may deal with a crash a few hours after you drink them, especially since many of them contain lots of sweetener.
  • There are a Lot of Low-Quality Formulas Out There: Overall, you’re more likely to encounter sketchy energy drinks compared to energy gummies.  A lot of energy drinks, again, rely a lot on the sugar content to amp you up, in a way that’s ultimately not conducive to working out – or managing weight, for that matter, if that’s a part of your workout goals.

Which One is Right for You?

Basically, both energy drinks and gummies can help you feel more energized.  But, energy gummies are typically regarded as superior, especially when it comes to working out.  They’re usually made with better ingredients, and because they come in solid form, they offer a “slow-release” method that can limit the risk of crashing or getting the jitters. 

Meanwhile, pre-workout gummies that contain energy enhancers like caffeine give you loads more benefits.  At Bounce Nutrition, you can check out our premium pre-workout gummies which contain caffeine, along with other pre-workout ingredients that come from natural sources, and help you reach your goals in the gym or at home.

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