Shilajit Shelf Life Expiration Date Stay Fresh Timeline 6-12 months

Shilajit Shelf Life & Expiration Date

Elan Lipin
Shilajit Shelf Life and Expiration Date

For those who don’t know, shilajit is a sticky resinous substance that’s almost black in color, and its hue can vary just slightly depending on the region from which it’s derived, sometimes having a very subtle amber tinge to it.   All shilajit is highly water-soluble, so this sticky black substance can dissolve into liquids easily – that’s how it’s most commonly taken.  In terms of its aroma and flavor, shilajit is quite bitter, with a unique burnt quality to it.  Despite its stickiness, it’s fairly malleable.

And so, like a broad scope of other natural substances, shilajit does actually have a restricted shelf life.  You see, the expiration date of shilajit will vary by form, but usually ranges from 6 months up to a few years at max.

Today, we will offer up some fantastic information related to its shelf life, as well as a guide for how long each shilajit form lasts, and of course, useful storage & preservation advice.


How Long Does Shilajit Stay “Good” For?

Since shilajit is available in numerous forms.  As expected then, every product type has its own recommended shelf life.  By and large, it is advised to use shilajit within a year of purchasing it, as it’s likely to lose its potency over time.  Now, there are some shilajit kinds which may last longer though, so you should to take a good look at the brand/form of shilajit you have, in order to know what the advised expiration is.

Shilajit Resin Expiration

Shilajit live resin is the purest and most unprocessed form of shilajit.  There are other product forms like powder and liquid, more on those in a bit, but those undergo further processing.  This in turn, may take away from the product’s overall efficacy/potency. 

Also, the ideal shilajit live resin is neither too hard nor too soft.  Believe it or not, due to its incredible strength, it has a shorter shelf life than the other forms.  Resin will usually be good for 6-12 months, although some people swear that they can get extended periods of time out of it.

Shilajit Powder Expiration

Shilajit powder is also considered one of the more potent forms.  Shilajit powder is deemed a nice option for people who may have a difficult time digesting other forms, since it’s simple to blend with other foods and drinks.  Shilajit powder will typically last around up to a year-and-a-half.  The storage instructions will be cited on the package, but normally, you gotta keep the powder in a cool, dark, and dry place.

Shilajit Capsules & Tablet Expiration

Shilajit capsules and tablets are really desirable for convenience purpose.  It’s a good way to get an uptick of shilajit without having to do anything more than pop a pill.  Because it’s one of the more popular forms, it’s also one of the more expensive.  Similar to resin, it’s expected to last 6-12 months, depending on the brand.

Shilajit Dry & Liquid Drops Expiration

Shilajit dry and liquid drops are another admired form, due to the flexibility in how they’re consumed.  They can be mixed into water, coffee, and other beverages.  They can also be utilized sublingually (placed directly under the tongue).  Shilajit drops are also quite expensive compared to a lot of the other forms.  They need to be consumed within two years of the manufacture date.  And, like all other product types/delivery methods, are dependent on the brand that you’re taking.

How Can You Preserve Shilajit?

Now that you’re aware on how and why the various forms of shilajit do have a shelf life, there are a few quick and easy ways of drawing out its expiration:

  • Place it in the refrigerator at +4° to +7°C, (+40°F-+45°F) if you’d elect to, or simply place it in a dark cabinet at (below +77F or +25°C).  Why these options?  Well, because direct light can degrade some of the compounds within it, and high temps can also be detrimental overall.
  • Leaving a small amount on a countertop is okay, but don’t get into a pattern of leaving it out and unopened. 
  • Freeze shilajit to preserve it – while the benefits might be marginally lessened, freezing it for long-term storage can still be effective.  Tip: Remove the shilajit out of the freezer some time prior to consumption, as this permits its temperature to equilibrate (depending on the form).

Does Raw Shilajit Expire?

Shilajit in its raw form is increasingly popular due to its purity and potent nature – less processed and treated than other forms.  It is crucial you recognize that, yes, it does expire, and like other forms, you just gotta ensure that you take proper care of it.

Final Shilajit Storage Thoughts

No doubt, taking care of your shilajit will help it last longer, while supplying it with more efficiency during supplementation.  And, since shilajit is an herbal medicine, we cannot stress enough the importance of storing it accordingly like we touched upon here.  Once again too, direct sunlight, humid areas, or any place with high temperatures is a big no-no for storage, since heat can effortlessly break down the product, thus decreasing its effectiveness in the process.

We also need to point out that its imperative to have a sealed package or jar.  Otherwise, the consistency will deteriorate, and it’ll have to be restored.  Not to mention, the sealed packaging shields against the spread of a not-so-wonderful smell.

Finally, try to avoid tossing away this amazing remedy if it has dried or spread.  You see, dried out/spread shilajit is not expired shilajit – it merely lost moisture, therefore has more fulvic acid content, and it will dissolve at a slower rate in water.  However, effectiveness is still identical if not stronger.  Essentially, you’ve greater concentration of fulvic acids and trace minerals –  enough to slightly moisten or dry it, hence it will be ready for use again.

Shilajit does have a shelf life and expiration date, with 6-12 months shelf life.  You see, the expiration date of shilajit will vary by form, but usually ranges from 6 months up to a few years at max.