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What Is Shilajit Resin? What You Must Know

Elan Lipin
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Shilajit has been getting lots and lots of hype lately, within the community of natural wellness enthusiasts.  Seen as something of a superfood, this dark, sticky, resinous substance contains some of the highest concentrations of minerals you’ll find anywhere in the world, along with organic acids that are linked to potentially profound health benefits.  

You can find shilajit in a multitude of product forms nowadays, all created through different levels and methods of processing its raw form.  But, today, we’re going to focus on shilajit live resin, which, as you’re about to find out, is considered superior to other product types.


What to Know About Shilajit

Shilajit is a sticky black substance that’s derived from layers of rock in high-altitude mountain ranges around the world.  It’s strongly associated with ayurvedic medicine, which is the oldest medicine in the world.

Chemically speaking, shilajit is very similar to humic substances that are found in our soil, which result from the decomposition of plant matter.  When its chemical composition was observed, shilajit was found to possess plant residue, along with resins and gums.  The plant residue was found to come from nearby plant life that, after dying, mixes with water. 

The resin of the plant then washes along the soil and finds itself mingling with organic elements and minerals in these mountainous regions, until it evaporates and becomes a crust that stays stuck within crevices of the mountain’s rock formations.  Limestone likely plays a role in enhancing its chemical makeup and allowing it to harden into the sticky resin that makes shilajit unique.

What is Shilajit Live Resin?

Shilajit live resin is the purest and most unprocessed form of shilajit.  There are other product forms like powder and liquid, but those undergo further processing, which may take away from the product’s overall efficacy.

The ideal shilajit live resin is neither too hard nor too soft.  All shilajit is highly water-soluble, so this sticky black substance can dissolve into liquids easily – that’s how it’s most commonly taken.  In terms of its aroma and flavor, it’s quite bitter, with a unique burnt quality to it.  Despite its stickiness, it’s fairly malleable.

Keep in mind that shilajit’s hue can vary a bit depending on which mountain range it was derived from.  Ultimately, it’s a very, very dark-brown color that almost appears black.  But, it can have a slight reddish tinge to it or not, based on its country of origin.

Why is Shilajit Live Resin Considered Superior to Other Product Forms?

Shilajit live resin has advantages over other products like capsules, liquids, and powders.  Again, shilajit live resin is the least processed form of the substance.  Like all product forms, it undergoes a purifying process to remove potentially harmful microbes and unwanted raw materials it’s come into contact with.  After this purification process, what’s left behind is live resin, which can then be processed further into a liquid or powder, or simply left as is.  

So, what advantages does it have over other product types then?

Purer and More Potent 

Because live resin has undergone less processing than other product types, it has a higher purity level as no compounds have been compromised.  This means that it’s very likely that using live resin will result in the highest level of effectiveness, for a more potent experience, and more noticeable long-term effects when worked into your daily routine.

More Bioavailable

The fact that shilajit live resin has undergone the least amount of processing means that it’s likely more bioavailable.  Typically, the closer a substance remains to its natural state, the more readily it absorbs into the body for maximum effectiveness.  

Easier to Confirm Its Authenticity

With shilajit live resin, it’s easier to confirm that you have an authentic product, because live resin has very distinctive properties that are simply to identify.  Its consistency is very unique, whereas powders and liquids can be less so.  Its ability to dissolve into water is something that makes this resinous substance different from other resinous substances.


Finally, live resin is versatile.  Its consistency is neither solid nor liquid, which means it’s easy to dissolve in liquids, yet has enough malleability to be blended with certain foods as well.

Does Live Resin Have Any Cons?

Shilajit live resin has very few drawbacks.  The one thing that we do hear about is that it takes longer to dissolve into water than liquids and powders, because of its unique consistency.  This really isn’t something that should discourage you from taking it, however, because the time it takes to, say, stir live resin into water compared to stirring liquid or powder is really a matter of a few extra minutes.

Give Shilajit Live Resin a Try!

As shilajit becomes more readily available on the market, we can’t recommend enough, opting for live resin as the product form of choice.  As you can see, it comes with plenty of advantages over other product types, while its drawbacks are minimal and superficial in nature.  

At Bounce Nutrition, we’re proud to offer our super pure shilajit live resin that comes with third-party lab results, and has the ideal consistency, being neither too soft nor too hard.  Ready to dissolve into your favorite beverage, our live resin is rich in the nutrients and other beneficial compounds that make shilajit the next big thing on the wellness market.