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What To Look For In A Pre-Workout Gummy

Elan Lipin
Pre-Workout Gummies

Pre-workout gummies are the next big thing on the fitness market, offering a variety of, typically, natural ingredients known to improve performance, muscle growth, and more.  And, as more people are gravitating toward this new type of product, more and more companies are pumping out formulas to be sold both online and in stores. 

Variety is never a bad thing, but at the same time, not all of these gummies are held to the same standards when it comes to quality and safety.  Because of that, we want to help you figure out how to choose the right gummies for your workout needs.

See if the pre-workout gummy has safe ingredients, trusted manufacturing cleanliness, brand transparency, and good customer reviews. If a pre-workout gummy brand has these features, they are likely a good brand. Bounce Nutrition is the best pre-workout gummy brand you can find online


What Should You Look for in a Pre-Workout Gummy?

Basically, pre-workout gummies belong to an unregulated market, which is why the quality can vary so much between one product and the next.  So, how do you know that you’re getting a top-quality product?  Simply make a mental checklist of these variables below.

#1: Safe Ingredients

First off, look through the ingredients thoroughly, to be sure that everything in there is safe.  Like we said, there’s no regulatory body that’s checking every pre-workout gummy formula that hits the market, and while the large majority of gummies are free of harmful ingredients, we can’t promise that all of them are.  If you encounter an ingredient you’ve never heard of before, do a bit of research to make sure that it’s generally safe to consume.

#2: Effective Ingredients

It goes without saying that if you’re going to buy pre-workout gummies, you want them to actually work – in other words, improve energy levels, reduce muscle fatigue, etc.  So, look for ingredients that have been proven in studies to play a role in improving exercise, like creatine, beta-alanine, caffeine, and others.

#3: A Natural Formula

Besides wanting the ingredients in your pre-workout gummies to be both safe and effective, we’re going to take things a step further and recommend choosing a formula that’s as natural and “clean” as possible.  This means avoiding loads of synthetic flavoring ingredients and sweeteners, preservatives, and so on.  In general, the more natural, the more likely it is to be easy on the body, and thus, absorbed and metabolized properly.

#4: Low-Glycemic

Another thing you want to pay attention to is the type of sweetener that’s being used.  High-glycemic sugars like high-fructose corn syrup can give you a major energy boost just from the sugar, only to be followed by a crash.  Of course, there are also side effects to consuming high-glycemic sugars on a regular basis.  Stick to natural, low-glycemic sugars, like beet sugar, coconut sugar, or agave.

#5: Good Reviews

Prior to purchasing a pre-workout gummy, you want to check the reviews for the brand and product online, if they’re available.  Don’t just look on the company’s website, but search around the internet to find out what people are saying about the product.  This way, you will avoid products that have a reputation for producing disappointing results, or possibly causing side effects.

#6: Brand Transparency

Never buy a pre-workout gummy before looking carefully through a company’s website.  Ideally, you want to find a company that’s really transparent about the products that they make, with plenty of info on the manufacturing process, whether or not their facility has been certified by GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices), the ingredients they use, and more. 

Companies who won’t disclose a good amount of information about their products and practices may be trying to hide certain things from consumers – such as proof of a product’s safety or quality.

#7: A Tasty Flavor

Pre-workout gummies are taking off because they offer a super tasty way to get in those beneficial, performance-boosting ingredients.  That’s something that they have over pre-workout powders and capsules, after all.  So, it is totally understandable then, that you’d gravitate toward a flavor that appeals to you, which’s why we do recommend going with a flavor that’s appetizing, as that will keep you motivated to continue taking them until the bottle runs out.

#8: A Vegan Formula (If Applicable)

For all you vegan workout enthusiasts out there, take a good look at those ingredients.  Many gummies contain gelatin (derived from animal collagen).  But, an influx of companies are using a vegan alternative known as pectin (derived from fruit).  This gives pre-workout gummies the same consistency, only without the use of any animal products, to offer a more inclusive formula.

#9: A Reasonable Price

Obviously, it could come down to the matter of cost.  Some gummies may cost more than others because due to using rarer ingredients, but overall, there is no reason why you should have to break your budget just to get the right formula that will give you positive results.  Compare prices, and find one that suits your budget, while making sure that the pre-workout product has the right ingredients and milligram strengths to be effective.

#10: A Trusted Vendor

Finally, we encourage you to find a vendor that’s generally trustworthy.  Convenience stores and gas stations tend to sell pre-workout products, especially at the checkout aisle, but these products are rarely screened for quality or safety by the business owner. 

Choose a reputable source, ideally online, and directly from a manufacturer’s website.  How come?  Well, so you can be totally sure that you know what you’re getting is truly effective.  Plus, avoid shady products that can easily float around on an unregulated market.

Not All Pre-Workout Gummies Are Created Equally

At the end of the day, pre-workout gummies can vary in all kinds of ways, which is why you want to be really sure of what you’re buying in terms of its ingredients, and the reputability of the brand itself.  Keep in mind that whichever gummy you choose, you should speak with your doctor beforehand to make sure that it’s safe – this is especially true if you have a preexisting condition or are on any medications. 

Otherwise, we encourage you to do your research on pre-workout gummies to make the most informed choice possible, in order to ensure success while guaranteeing that the product you’re taking is safe.