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Pre-Workout Gummies vs Other Supplements

Elan Lipin
Pre-Workout Gummies

Pre-workout gummies are changing the landscape of fitness as we know it, offering a single-serving boost in energy, endurance, and muscle growth, all in the form of a tasty fruity candy.  They contain (usually) natural ingredients that are known for their benefits that relate to our exercise regimen, and thus, can produce surprisingly powerful and fast results.

But, if you’re already on a regimen with nutritional supplements, you may be wondering if you can take pre-workout gummies, or if you even need them.  Let’s answer that question in as much detail as possible, so you can go about a routine safely and effectively.


What Exactly Could Be in Your Pre-Workout Gummy?

A pre-workout gummy is a gummy that contains specific ingredients known to help us when we exercise – like creatine, a natural energy enhancer, and amino acids that help the muscles build mass.  Pre-workout gummies come in all kinds of formulations, and they can contain any variety of ingredients associated with fitness in one way or another.  

Since each formula is unique, we can’t offer a specific list of what’s in them, but we can say that the average pre-workout gummy contains some combination of at least a few of the following ingredients:

What is the Difference Between a Pre-Workout Gummy and a Nutritional Supplement?

A pre-workout gummy is marketed for fitness purposes.  It’s meant to be taken roughly 20-30 minutes prior to working out, so that its effects peak during exercise, and wean shortly after.  This way, you can take advantage of the boost in energy and endurance while the product is active in the system.

A nutritional supplement is different.  With a few exceptions, it’s not intended to serve a specific daily purpose – like working out.  It’s meant to provide the body with a nutrient that it will benefit from for more long-term health effects – such as Vitamin B – an essential vitamin that the body requires to regulate a large number of physiological processes, or magnesium, an essential mineral that aids in a wide variety of critical functions of the human system.

Because of that, with some exceptions, once again, nutritional supplements don’t need to be taken specifically before you fulfill a certain action, like exercise, work, or going to bed.  They can be taken at any time of day, so that the nutrient can accumulate in the body to correct any potential deficiencies, or even provide its benefits as the body builds up adequate levels.

Is it Dangerous to Combine Pre-Workout Gummies with Nutritional Supplements?

Now, let’s get into something important, which is whether or not it is actually safe to combine pre-workout gummies with nutritional supplements.  Again, because each pre-workout gummy formula is unique, we cannot provide just a simple “yes” or “no”, but we can say that the majority of pre-workout gummies are formulated in a way that ensures that there won’t be any negative interactions with other supplements, as companies recognize that many, many people take multiple supplements on a daily basis.

The ingredients that we listed above, which are most commonly found in pre-workout gummies, are generally safe to combine with other nutritional supplements.  But again, this is very general, because it isn’t just about the pre-workout gummy’s ingredients, but which nutritional supplements you’re taking, as there are many out there, all with their own potential risks (or lack thereof) and safety profiles.

Fortunately, you don’t have to make it a guessing game.  You can simply look at the ingredients in a particular pre-workout gummy, and then look at the nutritional supplements you take, and do your own research.  Fortunately, there are a lot of online resources that make it easy to check for potential interactions between different supplements, and other ingredients that have an effect on our bodies.

Besides that, it’s always best to talk to your doctor about combining different supplements, especially if you already have any health conditions or are taking medications.  This way, your doctor can make a decision for you based on their knowledge of your unique health profile, and the specific nature of the products that you’re going to be combining.  

Can it Be Beneficial to Take Pre-Workout Gummies With Other Supplements?

Now, with all of that being said, keep in mind that some supplements may be beneficial to take along with a pre-workout gummy – not necessarily at the same time, but as complementary products in the same daily routine.  For instance, Vitamin B is a natural energy booster and mood enhancer, and an essential nutrient that we need to survive. 

Taking a B complex daily can give you all kinds of benefits, along with the gummy that you take prior to working out – that is, of course, if there isn’t already vitamin B in the gummy formula, as some may contain it.

Can They Work Against One Another?

Now, in some cases, supplements can counteract one another.  An example would be a supplement that has sedative qualities, like valerian root, which’s commonly used for anxiety and trouble sleeping. 

Taking valerian within a few hours of taking a pre-workout gummy could mean that you end up feeling sleepy instead of energized, which is why you want to consider what your various supplements do – mainly, if any are stimulating or sedating – and whether or not that would affect when you should take each one. 

At the same time, taking a highly stimulating supplement along with your pre-workout gummy could mean feeling too energized, to the point of feeling edgy rather than alert and focused.

Pre-Workout Gummies vs. Supplements Final Thoughts

Basically, when it comes to combining pre-workout gummies with nutritional supplements, whether or not it’s advisable all depends on both the gummies and the other supplements themselves. 

These are both broad terms for products that can contain any number of active ingredients that produce various effects.  Again, the key is doing your own research, and talking to your doctor to be on the safe side – while making sure that you’re not accidentally taking two products that are actually working against each other.