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Shilajit has arrived in the U.S, market, offering one of the highest sources of minerals and organic acids derived naturally.  This fascinating substance is procured from the layers between ancient, high-altitude rock formations, acting as a soil that ferments over long periods of time, taking on the mineral content of pristine rocks in the process.  And, while shilajit comes in a number of product forms, just about any expert will argue that live resin is the best.

With that being said, not all shilajit live resin that you encounter is going to have the quality or purity levels you’re looking for.  Worse, there’s always something of a risk of running into products that are altogether fake.  So, let’s help get you started by going over the very best shilajit live resin products you can buy today.


What to Look for in Shilajit Live Resin

Shilajit live resin is a product that’s pretty much the same from one manufacturer to the next.  It’s a thick, sticky, almost black substance that’s water-soluble, and has a smell and taste that’s somewhat bitter and burnt-like.  Shilajit live resin is a natural, organic substance that doesn’t require any added ingredients, so basically, there’s very little variation between products.

But, there are some ways in which one product may be better than others.  One is where it’s sourced from.  Numerous mountain ranges around the world naturally yield shilajit, but some mountain ranges seem to offer higher concentrations of desirable chemical compounds than others, with shilajit sourced from the Himalayan mountains being seen as the cream of the crop.

Besides that, shilajit undergoes an intensive purification process after it’s collected, and this involves applying a water solution, and evaporating unwanted compounds, which can include harmful bacteria.  Because of this, the purity, safety, and potency of shilajit can vary from one product to the next.

The Best Shilajit Live Resin Products on the Market Right Now

Now, let’s take a look at the 5 best shilajit live resin products being sold on the market right now.  As you’ll see, these products go above and beyond to deliver the purity, safety, and overall quality levels that consumers are looking for.

#5: Natural Rems Grade A Shilajit

The shilajit live resin from Natural Rems is a very popular choice, promising 84+ nutrients and a high level of fulvic acid for maximum benefits.  It’s third-party-tested, as all shilajit should be, and the lab reports can be found on the company’s website. 

Derived from the Himalayan mountains, it offers sublime quality overall, and people swear by this product for feeling more alert and energized during the day, while others have remarked on its ability to regulate blood sugar and cholesterol.  One drawback is that it only comes in a fairly small container, which can be somewhat limiting.

#4: Pure Indian Foods Best Shilajit Ever

The self-proclaimed “Best Shilajit Ever” from Pure Indian Foods brings a trustworthiness to the shopping experience, as the company has been in business since 1889, and has earned a great reputation for their top-quality, pure products.  This shilajit live resin comes in a large jar than the one above, with a great price tag attached to it. 

Derived from the Himalayan mountains, it’s wildcrafted at altitudes above 16,000 feet, and is processed at low heat to maintain the chemical integrity of its desirable compounds.  It’s lab-tested, with results right there on the product page on the brand’s website.

#3: Cymbiotika Mineral Shilajit

Next up, we have the Mineral Shilajit from Cymbiotika, sold as “black gold resin,” which promises a profound antioxidant composition along with its high levels of organic acids and nutrients.  It promises to act as the most powerful adaptogen in the world, and says to contain the highest gold content in the world, as well. 

While it’s not disclosed where the shilajit is sourced from, it says that it comes from the “most pristine parts of the world.”  It's been lab-tested for safety and purity, and once again, you can find those lab reports on the company’s website.

#2: Purblack Shilajit Live Resin

The Shilajit Live Resin from Purblack is regarded as one of the very best options on the market, with a high gold content (hence the “True Gold” distinction on its label), and sourced from a carefully selected variety of regions around the world. 

This particular product promises to be 2 generations ahead of other shilajit live resins on the market, basically setting itself apart by being more fermented for an even higher nutrient density.

#1: Bounce Nutrition Shilajit Live Resin

The shilajit live resin from Bounce Nutrition is a new product to the market, and promises to be the most exceptional shilajit you can find anywhere.  Sourced meticulously and purified using a simple water solution without the use of chemicals, its purity level is off the charts, while its heavy metals concentration is low. 

It’s undergone strict lab-testing to ensure safety and quality, while its consistency is flawless – not too thick and not too thin, so that it dissolves easily while retaining its malleability.

Find Only the Best Shilajit Live Resin Online!

Shilajit live resin is easily the best way to derive benefits from this astonishingly nutrient-rich natural substance, and the good news is that while there may be some subpar options out there, these 5 won’t let you down.  If you’re ready for the absolute best shilajit live resin available, Bounce Nutrition has you covered.